Watching over your critical, Cybersecurity and Endpoint security needs

  • Identify vulnerabilities and assess technology risk
  • Allocate resources to manage information security
  • Create cybersecurity and endpoint security strategies
  • Aligns people and technology business priorities
  • Manage data protection and compliance.

Cybersecurity and Endpoint Security

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Sovereign’s experienced cyber consultants advise our clients how to address information security, cybersecurity and endpoint security, risk and compliance needs to identify vulnerabilities. With this we assess business and technology risk to meet compliance mandates such as HIPAA, PCI, GDPR, ISO 27002 and more.

We offer monotoring, detection and incedent responce, controls assesment, system health checks and pen testing consulting along with analysis and strategy development. Sovereign helps firms make informed decisions on how to allocate resources to manage information security risks and compliance. Doing this against client business requirements and objectives ensures customized and workable solutions.

Cybersecurity threats are inevitable and unpredictable. Enterprises must have a cybersecurity strategy to deal with risks to prevent future breaches and mitigate their impact. Sovereign assists firms in developing a customized cyber strategy that aligns people, processes, and technology with enterprise business priorities and risks.

Designing a cybersecurity strategy is complex task for most firms as it must address a dynamic environment. Sovereign consultants work to create a cyber security strategy to create operational efficiencies, maximum return on technology investments, and greater data protection.

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