Ask about our GSM and RF jamming solutions, for Interception and Jamming of cellular devices or wifi systems we have options

  • Office and stadium jamming solutions
  • UAV/Drone jamming solutions
  • Compact integrated systems
  • Wide range of frequency jamming modules
  • Advanced cellular and WiFi interception solutions

Interception and Jamming

We offer a range of cellular interception and jamming solutions

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Our specialist partners jammers incorporate the latest interception and jamming technology in a compact integrated system which is able to be equipped with a wide range of frequency jamming modules. Each compact system consists of jammer modules, antennas, battery, power supply with optional remote control to meet the needs of the customer.

We offer solutions for vehicle jamming, room jamming, prison jamming, UAV drone jamming, stadium jammers, These are ideally deployed to protect VIPs, Military/Security staff, or EOD teams from RCIEDs.

Please note: COFDM and some jamming products require an export licence which can take on average 25 working days. An end user undertaking will be required to support our application.

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