We represent the most progressive and the most innovative Video Management, Analytics, and Transmission companies in the world

  • Advanced collection and analyzes of data
  • Verification, resolution and tracking of critical information
  • Impressive rules engine and work flow tools
  • Threats resolved accurately, efficiently and consistently
  • Worlds best video encoding and transmission technolgies

Video Management, Analytics, and Transmission

We offer world leading video management, analytics and transmission platform options along with state of the art analytics including best of breed facial recognition technology solutions.

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We work with an array of solution manufacturers in video platform management, video encoding and bi-directional video/audio transmission, all of whom lead the way in their respective technology offerings. With VidSys our clients are interested in converged security and information management. CSIM provides the ability to manage situations in real-time.

CSIM works especially well to enhance security for widely dispersed assets because it leverages a mobile application. First responders, supervisors, IT staff and senior executives with authorized credentials can access CSIM from anywhere via mobile device (tablet, cell phone) for enhanced situational awareness.


With Vemotion we offer the most reliable and trusted in-vehicle video encoding and transmission soultion. It achieves excellent video compression at low bit rates, is easy to deploy, and competitive in its pricing.

Vemotion’s flexibility in being able to modify aspects of the Encoding solutions to comply with various countries strict data privacy legislation is well received by end user client outfits.

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