Clip-On UAV IMSI Catcher

Traditional deployment of IMSI Catcher technology has been in vehicles, to allow for high power output, or in covert backpacks, for close quarter work, where vehicles are impractical, or would raise suspicion. IMSI Catchers have been deployed in aircraft for search & rescue and border patrol and, more recently, in UAVs or drones. As dedicated platforms, these are proprietary and tend to be expensive and quite large, not easy to deploy rapidly.

Sovereign Systems is pleased to advise availability of an IMSI Catcher that can be "clipped on" to a DJI M600, industry standard drone. SDR based technology, with two BTSs, and weighing less than 3Kg, the system can be delivered independently, or pre-fitted to the M600. Custom fittings are possible for other industry standard drone platforms.


2 x BTS, SDR based
Network: 2G/3G/4G
Dimensions: 13.7cm x19.5cm x 44.4cm
Weight: 2.4KG
Operating Temperature: -10C to +45C
Ingress Rating: IP56
Operating humidity range: 10% too 85% (non-condensing)
Storage temperature: -20C to +65C

IMSI Catcher for UAV

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