We are proud to be able to ship 140 of our class leading PTT IP Mesh hand-held MANET radios to the Ukrainian Military forces, via Poland. We got the call for any radios that might be available immediately, off the shelf, no delays.

From Death Valley in Arizona to the deepest catacombs under Paris , our Hypha/PTT Mesh radios have excelled in a multitude of challenging environments

IP Mesh radio 64 nodes

Sovereign Systems IP Mesh Radio Update

As you know, we have been very successful with our development of the PTT IP Mesh hand-held Mesh radio, the world’s smallest, truly hand-held radio using COFDM Mesh technology.

Wireless Mesh Radio Network

How do Mesh Radios / Nodes work?

Mesh Radios or Nodes have a transceiver, meaning it acts as both a transmitter and receiver. This allows the Radio/Node to operate as a bi-directional radio carrying any IP traffic, including video, audio and data across a network of radios in a “mesh”.

mMesh Technology: Marine

Mesh Technology

We have build up a portfolio of products that complements our MESH technology. These different technologies can be integrated with MESH to offer bespoke solutions to government agencies, responsible for defence and homeland security. The solutions can also be adapted for the private sector, for example broadcasters, oil and gas sector etc.

Mesh border control

The use of cameras and other sensors in border surveillance is becoming more common. Many unattended and/or unofficial border crossings are exploited by persons seeking illegal entry to a country. This is prevalent in Asian, Latin American and African countries.

James Sovereign

From tunnels in Sydney, to valleys in California, to collapsed buildings in Dubai, and from the bowels of warships, ACE6 IP Mesh provides connectivity where its needed most, extending connectivity beyond the edge of existing networks and exceeding customer expectations!!

World’s smallest IP Mesh radio

Sovereign Systems is delighted to advise that the world’s smallest, truly hand-held, IP Mesh radio is now available in 4.9GHz frequency band. This addition compliments the UHF, L Band, and S Band variants already available.

Worlds smallest PTT mesh radio

Twelve months ago at Comms Connect in Australia, we released the world’s first truly hand held IP Mesh radio, the Mesh PTT radio. Small, with form factor akin to an LMR radio, the mMesh PTT radio quickly gained acceptance by the First Responder market. It gave them assured connectivity in the most challenging environments, as well as the ability to exchange high bandwidth data while on the move, something previously not possible at an affordable price.

ACE6 Tech mesh

A great couple of days in Perth, at Comms Connect, showcasing our mMesh on the “connected vehicle” in conjunction with our integration partners, Cobham SATCOM, and Wireless Innovation. First Responders,